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 Lecture de détente

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Lecture de détente Empty
MessageSujet: Lecture de détente   Lecture de détente EmptyJeu 17 Fév - 16:40

1. Law of FedEx Conservation
A quest sending you to deliver something will make you take it to either the NPC standing right next to you, or to an NPC on the complete other side of the world/zone.

2. Bonus Racial Ability: Rabbit-Like … Reflexes?
95% of the children encountered in the game will be human.

3. The Notoriety Penalty
If it has a name, kill it. It must drop something good.

4. The Fecal Inevitability
At one point or another, you will find yourself sifting through poop.

5. The Bubble-Hearth Housing Market
The population of any major city is listed as being in the hundreds of thousands, but you can only find 12 actual houses or homes in it.

6. The Limited Vacancy Rule
While houses do exist, no one ever appears to live in them. Inns exist as well, but their rooms are always vacant.

7. The Limited Vacancy Exception (The Menage-a-Many Rule)
On Roleplaying servers, the beds of inns happen to be the most densely populated regions in the game.

8. I Got My Degree Online!
For 10 copper, you have the smarts to learn engineering.

9. The Clone Army Constant
No matter how many times you kill that raid boss, he will be back next week.

10. The Life Insurance Assurance
No matter how many times you die, you come right back.

11. The Continuum of the Traveling Pants
The gear will always fit.

12. The Pick-Pocketer Problem
Some creatures have pockets, and you do not want to know where.

13. The Survival of the Fittest
You have to kill 16 zherva to find 4 hooves, 12 murlocs to find 7 eyes, 57 bears to find one with a brain.

14. The Gnomish World Enlargement Axiom
The more epic the zone, the shorter you are in relation its architecture, topology, and animal life.

15. The Sentient Machine Postulate
Zeppelins and other machines can power and run themselves.

16. The Hypocrisy of Avian Travel
The windrider will not know how to get there, unless you do, but it flies itself.

17. The Deja Vu Constant of Deja Vu
NPCs will always say the same thing, no matter how many times you speak to them.

18. The “I’m not even supposed to be here today…” Principle
The same NPC has been selling bread in Ironforge for 1,383 days straight, in back-to-back shifts, without a break.

19. The Menopausal Immunity (“Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”)
The heat from lava will always damage you, but the cold of ice/snow never will.

20. The Hippie Principle of Time Dilation
You can skin an entire beast about 3 times faster than it takes you to pick up a flower from the ground.

21. It’s Made of Magnets!
No matter how little the female’s plate armor covers her body, it protects as well as the male’s.

22. World of Mesomorph-Craft
No matter which class you choose to play, all characters of that race/gender combination have the same amount of muscle mass.

23. The “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!” Constant
No one cares if you walk right through them.

24. The Procrastinators’ Creed
It doesn’t matter how desperately the dying child needs the medicine to live. Unless there is a ticking clock on your screen, you can take as long as you want to get it to her.

25. The Münchhausen Rule
After giving an NPC an antidote , they remain hunched over, waiting to be saved by someone else.

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Lecture de détente
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